Kris is an Australian national whose publishing career started early. Who says childhood crushes aren’t productive? She began managing her own Backstreet Boys website as a tween, while editing and distributing an exclusive monthly newsletter. The publishing world had to wait, Nick Carter started getting acne and she had a law degree to attend to. But, she could never let go of the power of print. After a short stint as an intern in Australian magazine, Monster Children and working as an editor for university publication, Grapeshot, she’s found her way to a small town in Germany where it snows in the winter and ice cream is as cheap as one euro!

Tasks in Herznote

  • Anything from perusing the current cocktail of independent magazines and the monolithic depths of the world wide web to managing Herznote’s ever-growing online presence and social networking pages. Kristine is the glorified office monkey who dabbles in almost every field of Herznote Publishing … except when it comes to money. She failed maths. Contact her.

Unnecessary Knowledge

  • She is a dedicated Salingerologist.
  • Kris lives on a diet of tea, chocolate and oranges.