Rebecca Sandbichler has always had too many ideas in her head. Her entire CV reveals a slight conflict: between writing and letting write, between online and print, between career and thoughts of escape. She’s happy that nowadays she does not have to reach a decision. Like a guilty pleasure, the CIRCUS series is the way to realize all her dreams at once. And she is only a little ashamed to entrust this schmaltzy fact to the online world.

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Tasks in Herznote

  • Rebecca Sandbichler is the editor-in-chief of CIRCUS Fashion and therefore responsible for its orientation in terms of content. You are welcome to surprise her with topic proposals, specimen texts and finished articles by using the global contact form.

Unnecessary Knowledge

  • Rebecca knows how to catch peanuts and berries with her mouth from a throwing height of two meters.
  • During puberty she had a tendency for uncouth words. Even today she sometimes allows herself to be driven to a verbal gaffe. Deeply embarrassed, she’ll hold her hand over her mouth. Sometimes.
  • At regular intervals she claims that she is writing a book – and after three pages she forgets it herself. So far nobody has called her to account for this.