Structure, ladies and gentlemen. Even though ideas fly wildly around him, Josef Mayerhofer considers structured work as very important. Thus, he saves time and nerves. Unfortunately, the Herznote staff holds too few of both. However, Josef likes that, too. He will polish up concepts with the never sleeping night owl, Florian Siebeck, into the early hours of the morning. And in the course of it, forget that there is something called, free time.

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Tasks in Herznote

  • Josef Mayerhofer is manager of Herznote Publishing. Please, contact him for inquiries regarding cooperation and investment opportunities by using the global contact form.

Unnecessary Knowledge

  • At the age of 15 Josef developed his first business plan.
  • A doctor told him that he had never seen such a big bunch of shit before.
  • Josef has no fear to cross a busy street.