We specialize in publishing bookazines. You do not know what a bookazine is? No problem. Unlike magazines, which appear at short intervals in the same old journalistic corset: bookazines are monothematic, each time new and timeless. Bookazines combine the best of both worlds with the design spirit of magazines and the substance of “real” books.

And since we are thrilled by this new format, let us state: Bookazines are the new black!

In order to publish our bookazines, we rely on the internet. Most of the people involved are blogging writers, photographers or designers. Their ideas are expressed in our bookazines series called »CIRCUS«.


In CIRCUS you find selected photo galleries, reports, interviews, portraits and commentary – exclusively written, illustrated and designed by well-known bloggers from all over the world.

For half a year, we are going to devote our time to produce an international and multilingual bookazine. Every time CIRCUS will be new and unique.


#1 »CIRCUS Fashion«

In autumn 2010 the first CIRCUS edition is going to be published: »CIRCUS Fashion«. It is going to break with common clichés about fashion journalism. Young, journalistic bloggers, interested in fashion, devote themselves to this topic with a new perspective. Not as subjects to the advertising industry’s seasonal variations, nor with claims about the ultimate truth or a wagging finger.

»CIRCUS Fashion« draws your attention to the seams that keep the fashion industry together, to the material fashion is made of, but also to the thread at which it is torn. »CIRCUS Fashion« wants to grant those a place in the sun who usually disappear in the fashion in-crowd’s shadow. »CIRCUS Fashion« is the answer to topmodel shows, beauty tips and brandmania. »CIRCUS Fashion« takes the fashion industry’s people and characters as seriously as they deserve, but does not pay them homage.

»CIRCUS Fashion« provokes unanswered questions, but is critical and thoughtful. It is as timeless as a luxury handbag, wastefully beautiful and perfectly finished. »CIRCUS Fashion« is young and wise, classical and modern, pinpointed though not too concise. This bookazine is as colourful and contradictory as fashion itself.