We love the Internet and we love print.
As a niche publishing company we produce timeless, exclusive Bookazines that is made possible through the creative collaboration of bloggers from around the world.


The world is in upheaval: we are children of the digital revolution. However, our generation has the choice between well-established traditions and exciting possibilities. As journalists we love the internet for its immensity and variability as well as its internationality and its anarchism.

But, as readers, we have come to appreciate the printed word and the beauty of a photograph on paper.

War has been declared from all sides, between the old world and the new, between digital and analogue. As young publishers we are in the centre of this war and raise the white flag: there is not only one winner of this wordy battle. Therefore as publishers of Herznote Publishing, we want to show at least one way of combining the best of the present with the lasting values of the past. The modern and the classic can be united to produce a real innovation.

The name

»Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.«
Patrick Süskind’s »The Perfume«

The printing landscape is as diverse as perfume. A good scent is composed of a top note, a heart note (German: Herznote) and a base note. This does not differ from the media market.

Some magazines resemble top notes. They are intensive, convey a lasting impression and are visually opulent. But, their components evaporate quickly. They are forgotten easily. We do not make top notes.

Other magazines are similar to base notes, the foundation of the media market. Somehow, they have remained and have always been the same. They are serious and made for eternity. But, we do not make base notes either.

Each of our Bookazines are heart notes. The heart note turns up once the top note has evaporated. The heart note combines the perfectly composed ingredients with the individual smell of people to create a unique everlasting scent. Heart notes have character. That’s why we make heart notes.


As founding members of the darmspiegel Verlags GbR we have published the online magazine »darmspiegel« Furthermore, we converted it successfully to a printed edition financed by advertising. In 2009, we gained experience in the classical publication process by producing the book, »nachts in darmstadt«.

Now, we are looking for a new challenge, which we want to face, together with our colleagues and bloggers from around the world. Our former projects show clearly that young media makers using unconventional methods can take responsibility for producing top-quality journalism.


It’s neither Berlin nor Paris nor New York. No, it is not even Düsseldorf. The city is called Darmstadt. Here, Herznote Publishing resides. As unfashionable and unelegant as it sounds. It is as demanding as any other city, yet remains unpretentious and uncomplicated. It wasn’t easy for the founders to appreciate and love the city of Darmstadt, especially as publishers. For here, hardly anything flourishes nor is it deliberated. However, if an international bookazine can thrive and prosper in Darmstadt, then, it will thrive and prosper all over the world.